Team VA Monthly Membership

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$300.00 / Month

Pole Vaulters




$400.00 / Month

All sales are final. Once payment has been processed for Team VA Memberships, no refunds will be given. There is a 16- day cancellation policy.  Please see our cancellation policy in the Athlete's Packet and/or your copy of the signed contract.

Becoming a Team VA Member

Please read the next section below for a better understanding of the sign up process and what is expected.

You can sign up via the link labeled Sign up Now above and process the monthly membership fee via PayPal.  PayPal will guide you to set up the auto recurring payment.

When payment has been set up, you will then be guided to download Team VA Application and Questionnaire.

Forms can then be faxed to (888) 822-8781 or scanned and emailed to

Additional information regarding Team VA Membership is detailed below.

USATF  and AAU Membership is REQUIRED, please add our club number to your registration when you obtain your membership.  Our club numbers are listed below.

08-1146 Mid-Atlantic Club Number

07-1135 NJ Club Number 

06-1361 NY Club Number

10-1260 Potomac Valley Club Number

WYB453 Mid-Atlantic Club Number

WY85A7  NJ Club Number

WY3486  NY Club Number

Payments will be processed via PayPal.  Once payment has been processed, you will then be guided to download Team VA Application and Questionnaire.

Forms can then be faxed or emailed to (888) 822-8781 or scanned and emailed to

For information on how to become part of Team VA, please send an email to

Team VA is an annual training program which trains and competes through the fall, winter, sprint, and summer seasons (Amature Competitive Track and Field Club).  Our meet schedule can be found on our Schedule/Location page.

Team VA offers summer only memberships as well.


The Monthly Tuition listed above for Team VA Membership does not include the $35.00/$65.00 per meet coaching fee.  Athletes will be accessed the meet coaching fee per meet.  Athletes are not required to participate in every meet listed on our schedule.

Team VA Uniforms will need to be purchased to be able to compete in the scheduled meets.  Uniform set is $95.00 adult size and $85 youth size.  Uniform consists of compression tank and shorts for adult sizes and compression tank and shorts for youth sizes.  We will also have team issue men and women size leggings available ($65.00).

Please see our Team VA Athlete's Packet PDF for additional information.

Please note, no refunds will be given once a spot has been filled and payment has been processed. 

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