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Register for an Open Session Now

Open Pole Vault Sessions:   

As an open session vaulter, you will receive the best and safest instruction and guidance to improve your vault.

Open Speed Development Sessions:   

As an open session athlete, you will receive the best and safest instruction and guidance to improve your track event.






$55.00 / Per Session

Pole Vaulters




$65.00 / Per Session

Open Sessions Details

Team VA and LoJo's Vault Assault


“Open Pole Vault and Open Speed Development Sessions”

The Open Sessions will be conducted on Monday and Friday evenings between
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm during the Outdoor Season through August 2022.

During the allotted dates and times for the pole vault sessions, assistance will be provided to ALL vaulters of ALL ages and levels.


During the allotted dates and times for the sprint/speed/agility sessions, assistance and guidance will be provided to help ALL athletes of ALL ages and levels to build proper sprint technique in addition to utilizing plyometrics, speed and agility exercises to develop speed and power/strength.

Open Sessions are opened to ALL Athletes of ALL Ages and ALL Levels.

Open Sessions will be conducted at:

Germantown Academy
Carey Stadium
Fort Washington, PA 19034

$55.00 per athlete per session - Sprinter/Hurdler/Thrower/Jumper
$65.00 per athlete per session - Pole Vaulter

Maximum Capacity
Limit 12 athletes per open Pole Vault session.
Limit 15 athletes per open Sprint/Speed/Agility session.
Registration CLOSES when max capacity has been reached for each time and date.


Online registrations only

Open Sessions are open to ALL athletes of ALL levels.


Pole Vault Poles
Pole Vault Athletes must bring their own poles.
If an athlete needs to rent a pole, please indicate what pole is needed during the registration process.
A rental fee of $50.00 for 1st pole and $35.00 each additional pole after will need to be paid before session begins.
A rental agreement must be signed before pole will be given to athlete.

Registration must be done within 48 hours of the Open Session date. Click the button above to start the registration process.  After you finalize the registration, an email will be sent to confirm the registration.  

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or would like to register for an Open Session but it is within less than 48 hours from the Open Session date.  Please send all Open Session questions to

All bookings for Open Sessions will be done via LoJo Vault Assault website. 

Please click on the button above for more information regarding our services.

Team VA is a Amature Competitive Track and Field Club

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